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Good knife shops in Buffalo

Nov 19, 2000
I'll be on a shopping trip to Buffalo N.Y. on the weekend of March 16 and I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good knife shops in the area. The last time I was there I wasn't a knife nut yet and I didn't pay attention to these types of shops.

I'm specifically looking for places that sell Spydercos; the shops here in Canada that sell Spyderco are OVERPRICED (eg Police model goes for $120 US).

I don't know my itinerary yet (thats up to my girlfriend) except that I will likely visit the Galleria.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

Never been to Buffalo, so can't help you there. However, just checked nearest net place, and that's only $9 under your $120. (Have my favorites on my IE bar.)The ability to hold the knife and check it out thoroughly could be worth $9.

I'd guess that most US brick and mortar places will charge significantly more than $120.

Check out the Buffalo Gun Center on Harlem Road. They had a really good selection the last time I was there. Didn't have time to pay close attention to the pricing, but what I did see lokked reasonable. There is also a small shop on Sheridan Drive (Northtown Plaza). Name eludes me but Knifeworx comes to mind.
Check out Galleons(sp?) at the Walden mall, had a decent knife selection last time I was there visiting, last spring that was.
Contact me at gren@gateway.net. My main source of business is selling knife sharpeners, but I do run a mail order surplus store and can order any knife out there at very reasonable rates. We are located just outside of Buffalo.
Try LeBaron in the Toronto area. There's one at Woodbine and Highway 7. Another one in Mississauga. Check the phone book. They have a web site (www.lebaron.ca). Good prices and good selection, including Spyderco. For example, the Police model in stainless handle is $126 Canadian.
You could also try Europe Bound in downtown Toronto, the branch on King St. I haven't been there lately but I recall that they have a smaller selection of Spyderco. They also have some SOG folders . Their prices weren't as good as Lebaron's but they weren't bad, certainly not list.
Thanks for the suggestions so far. I think
that I'll give Lebarons a try first; although I'll certainly check out the Buffalo suggestions while I'm there.

You guys are one heck of a helpful bunch
You might ask Murray at http://www.proedgeknives.com

He lives up in that neck of the woods, has good prices and is always easy to deal with!


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Try LeBaron before you buy anywhere else in the city. You will be VERY (and pleasantly) surprised at their prices.
I checked out LeBaron. They do seem to have the lowest prices on Spyderco in the Toronto area, although the selection wasn't what I thought it would be (it was decent though).

Even though they were having a sale (save the provincial and federal taxes). I think I'll check out the shops in Buffalo first.

I was specifically looking for the Delica II and all they had along these lines was the Delica with the nylon handle.