Good knives for lefties


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Jan 23, 2015
Wow, surprised to see lefties poo-pooing the left-hand para 2 and left handed frame/liner locks. -???

I'd say you're fooling yourselves big time, especially if you haven't tried them, but whatever, different strokes and ymmv. Use what makes you happy. :thumbsup:

iirc, Sal stated that the left handed runs are limited production (~500 pcs?) and will only be done every 5 yrs or so depending on demand. I don't expect them to sell out quick, but eventually they will dry up and it may be several yrs before they're around again. I'm already thinking about a 2nd lefty para2 to have a back-up and may put custom scales on one. Plan to get the new lh Military for the same reasons, hope it will also have all the cqi improvements that the regular model received.

I wasn't aware that there was such a limited supply of them made. That explains why I haven't seen them around at the big players in my country (the Netherlands) yet. And maybe I never will.


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Jan 15, 2013
I have a lefty CRK, great knife and would never part with it. With a little practice however, I find most knives are pretty left hand d friendly. As a lefty, I think it's safe to say that all lefties are damn good at adapting to things in a right hand dedicated world....

Well, except for manual can openers. I struggle like hell with those.
Mar 11, 2017
I was looking for a gift (Father's Day) for a friend (he is left handed). While wanting to keep everything a surprise, I asked questions of him (over the course of several months) while sharing my knives with him. He is an Army Veteran. I found that he had some very particular preferences. He will not carry an expensive knife (for him, this qualifies as anything over $150). He has never had a truly left handed knife... but really would prefer one. Oh, and he will only carry LH TIP DOWN.

Options are few (if you have suggestions... please include them).

So... with those particulars, I set out to find him a knife he would like. He seems to like Spyderco... is not a fan of Benchmade... and most of what he currently carries are... well? Not a premium knife.

I thought a LH PM2 would be a perfect fit... but they are very hard to come by. And then low-and-behold! Spyderco begins a new run of LH PM2's. I ordered one on day one. I am sending it off to a friend to re-do the blade edge geometry to make it very easy for him to sharpen (going forward) with his SharpMaker.

Well... that is my right-handed experience in a left-handed world.
Aug 7, 2003
Buck Marksman 830. Done.

Four ounces, ambidextrous, deep pocket carry, tough enough. Smooth operator. It's displaced everything else in my left handed EDC rotation.
May 8, 2016
carpeta de valor Spyderco TODAS LAS
Byrds, cara cara 2, meadowlark 2 raven 2, kershaw cryo, freefall, etc, ontario rat 1 y 2, utilitac 2 todas ellas apertura y cierre a una mano