Good News for Clip-Haters !!!!!

Oct 3, 1998
Who says we don't have clout!!!!!
Chris Reeves is now offering a machined titanium blank that fits in the indention left in the Sebenza by clip removal. It uses the same screw that attaches the clip and cost $20. It will be close tolerance, of course, and will match the plain finished scales.
Maybe other manufactures will now follow this example and at least include set screws to fill the voids left by removing clips. As it now stands, a finished-looking knife must have it's clip attached (unless you want to clean out drill holes).

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Hey Bill,

I tend to like clips, as my pockets are full of change and keys and micras and lint, etc.

HOWEVER, I did take the clip off of my Pioneer the other night to try out one of the kydex holsters (thanks Greg). While I hate to say it...

It feels much, much better without the clip.




Clay Fleischer

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