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Good people, but I'm working on their choices


Feb 26, 1999
On Sunday we had steak at my in-laws. My Son used his Mirage, my Father-in-Law used his Kershaw then loaned it to both my brother-in-law and my monter-in-law, my Nephew used a S&W as did my wife. An important first step
I'm working on making their choices a little bit better, maybe Spyderco or Benchmade all around for Christmas dinner. OBTW, I used a Benchmade 350.
Steak and Pork Chops are small Sebenza fodder around here. Somehow, everything taste better too. I'm the only knifenut in my family. But, since I've always used a pocket knife for my meat, the family is no longer suprised when I pull out my own hardware. No restauraunt is safe either !
...and I thought I was the only one who got dirty looks from the wife when I pull out my own knife at the steakhouse! Good topic here - made me laugh thinking of my last visit to Ruth Chris steakhouse...

Take Care,

Frankly...if I went to an eatery and had to use my own knife, I would go somewhere else, next time.
Maybe you blokes should import more Aussie beef

Brian W E
Would that "Aussie beef" be the kind that bounces around on two legs and has a pouch?

JM (boing, boing, boing...moo?)
Personaly, I prefer those little hole in the wall restraunts. The food is generaly better and cheaper. Alot of these hole in the walls give you plastic cutlery, or have the cutlery on a table all the way across the restraunt, pocket knife is alot close and sharper.