Good quality non-"tactical" bag?

Apr 7, 2003
I've got a friend who's looking for an xmas gift for his girlfriend. Currently she carries a little fanny pack as a purse, but doesn't actually wear it like a fanny pack. He's looking for some sort of small-mid sized bag that's not so much a purse, but doesn't look like a piece of "tactical gear". He likes the Maxpedition Fatboy, but it looks too military. I've run some of the Filson bags past him, but none of those are quite right.

So, where could I find something around the size and functionality (i.e. lots of handy pockets and such) of a Fatboy, but that doesn't look as military?

Check out New Sun. Different sizes and styles, well made, not bad prices.

More traditional, Eagle Creek. I've always done well with their products, like for years of hard use. Take a look at their every day bags.

I've never handled Timbuk2 but I like their designs and customizability.
check out the various lumbar packs from the major backpack manufacturers, e.g., Kelty, Mountainsmith, North Face, etc.

650 cu in is a small purse size, 900 is about right for my wife.
Timbuk2 makes bike messenger bags in all sorts of colors and patterns. The small one might work for you (the girlfriend might very well fit inside the extra large one!).
I'm always in the market for a better shoulder bag. One that will hold all my crap, won't try to tear my arm off, wears like iron, and won't attract attention. Right now I'm using RoadWired's PodZilla.

I've been looking at the All-Purpose Hemp Shoulder Bag. It looks really good so far. It's reasonably priced at $46.95 and looks a lot like my ancient and beloved Eddie Bauer bag that is no longer made.
i will second the eagle creek suggestion. i have had one of their guide bags for years and it is still going. it's all beat up, not no holes.