Good, Small, Traditional Pocketknife?

Mar 22, 1999
Can anyone recommend a good, small, traditional slipjoint pocketknife? Good steel and non-synthetic scales. Less than 3"closed.



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I like Case. Don't know why.
Just seem traditional to me. I bought several for my son to have later.

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Off the shelf: I would go with a Schrade Oldtimer 108 OT 3 blade stockman. It does have synthetic handles but other than that for $20 it ain't bad.

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Schatt & Morgan and Winchester might be good current ones to look at too. Good quality at decent prices. Some of Schatt & Morgans come with ATS-34 Blades. (which can be tough to find on a factory slip joint).

Don't get me wrong I am a very big Case fan too. (at least in a past life)

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Very Easy: Whitewing Knives.Trappers and other sliploints in the latest steels and great materials. Get one and you won't be sorry.
Check out the Victorinox Cadet. It is just alittle over 3" in length, very slim, and aluminum alox scales.
Case Mini Trapper,Peanut,Small Stockman,ect,ect,ect


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Go to and check out their 700 series pocketknives, specifically the 703 stockman and the two-blade 709 (which I have and really really like). These are solid as hell and don't cost that much.
Take a look at
You will find good knives, but they are more expensive than Case.
I second Rick1955's suggestion: for a user Schrade is better than Case even the scales are synthetic. Case is mainly display/collector item, the best on them are the scales, the rest is very poor quality for the price they charge.
For even better user I second allenC's proposal for the Victorinox Cadet. Non-synthetic and very functional, strong and cheap.
Whitewing knives are beautiful but pricy too.
Schatt & Morgan knives could be seen for example at
My Sunday Church knives are a Case Peanut, and a Bear MGC small Stockman. Both have my favorite Stag handles.
Forget the slipjoint. A Case MiniCopperlock is your perfect pocketknife. Many different natural handles available, blade locks open, with bone handles it is slim enough to get lost in your pocket.
I just love CaseXX knives. Take a look here at If you find a pattern that you like, keep in mind that you may be able to still find some remaining items on the net with stag scales. Stag was dicontinued for their 2001 line due to the India stag embargo.

Also check out Schatt & Morgan. Good steel (ATS-34) with traditional scales.
Take a look here at
for some ideas.

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Thank again, folks. I'd love to pick up a Whitewing, but $200 is a little much for a knife to abuse. Heading over to A.G. Russell's site now to check out Schatt & Morgan. Didn't realize any factory made ATS-34 traditionals!!

I really like a Case Stockman or Trapper. Hen and Rooster also make very good knives. And for custom try Tony Bose. This man does some awesome work. He will cost a lot more, but his knives are worth it.


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