Gorkha ashtray

Perfect for me! The crossed Khuks *plus* the red & black stripe...my Club colors. Two loves in one! Must be karma...Xmas is coming! Thanks!!
If I was still smoking I would definitely try for it! Good luck Nasty; hope you get it.

Good luck Nasty. I hope you get it so that way I can check it out sometime. I was about 10 seconds from bidding and then I remembered that my 2 year old daughter would just break it.

- D
They used to sell the ashtrays at the Gurkha museam, but dont seem to any more but if you follow this link, then click shop you will find other goodies! ;)

Under miscleanous items you will find drink coasters with kuks & the red & black stripe foe instance

All very cheap & the money gos to a good cause. ;)