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Got a GAK

Aug 27, 2002
Victorinox is quite easy to find here, but only the most common ones. The only alox model available, but rarely, is the soldier, and I grabbed one right away, the first time I saw it.

The other night when I walked down the food section of the mall, to my surprise I spot a small Victorinox display box, and off course I take a look at it. Not so many models displayed, but then I asked the lady if they have the Hiker model, she wasn't familiar with the model, So I told her that it is a three-layer model and have wood saw in it. She said "this one?" and she handed me a GAK, and I said "wow, this is not what I'm looking for, but this is even better.." I never think that I will find this quite hard-to-find model here, so I buy it without any second thought.

I don't really like serrated edge, so maybe I will remove it, but for now I will use it as is, and see how Vic's serrated edge work in the outdoor. Now I'm a proud owner of the GAK, and can't wait to go out and use it..
You must mean the current GAK. With the hole-in-mainblade and OD green scales.
And not the last contract model without locking feature

Both are great must-have models!
It does add to a rather different sort of dimension to the normal red scaled SAKs.