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Got an Infraction today for trying to warn of a ZT0560 counterfeit

Discussion in 'Kershaw Knives / Zero Tolerance' started by Maprik, Jun 17, 2012.

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  1. Maprik

    Maprik Gold Member Gold Member

    May 17, 2012
    Just wanted you all to know that my post on the knock-off ZT0560 was not meant to be an alert to a "good deal" on Ebay for a counterfeit knife. Perhaps I should have been more clear in my posting, however, I was in a hurry to get to a neighbors party and didn't take the time to explain. Anyway, just trying to clear any misunderstandings. Next time I'll just send a message to Kershaw and not mention it here since a moderator thought I was spamming for Ebay...:mad:
  2. elijames21


    Jun 2, 2012
    I think the mod to this part of the forum is the owner of kershaw. ha. Sorry man
  3. 338375


    Nov 4, 2006
    I haven't seen your posting, but any linking to an active auction, is not permitted here on BF's
  4. Maprik

    Maprik Gold Member Gold Member

    May 17, 2012
    Yup, live and learn. I'm new and thought I was doing the same thing as what I recently saw on the Chris Reeve thread on a counterfeit Sebenza. It's still posted. There were links to 2 active eBay auctions for counterfeit knives... Anyways, I'm not going to stick my neck out again... My original post was called Spam and deleted.
  5. PropThePolecat


    Jan 31, 2009
    Dont worry about it...its not the end of the world. Like you say, you live and you learn.
  6. presz

    presz Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 12, 2005
    What search words did you use to find it? Is it in China and did you report it to ebay?

    I have linked active auctions but I have always stated "counterfeit knife" in the title. Then say do not buy fake or something like that. I thought that was the only reason that you could link active auctions, for the purpose of reporting counterfeits.
  7. beau007


    Dec 10, 2009
    Really, try not to worry about. I know how you feel though, it kind of smarts! I got an infraction when I was new on BF for making a positive comment about a knife I saw in the FS section. I had seen a bunch of other comments, so I thought it was OK. Nope, infraction! Oh well...live and learn, but I felt bad.

    Anyway, you know that your intensions were good. That's all that really matters. Life is too short to worry too much about it, my friend. Go out and cut some stuff with your favorite knife and you'll be good as new!
  8. elijames21


    Jun 2, 2012
    beau Why would you get an infraction for that?
  9. beau007


    Dec 10, 2009
    It was a rule a few years ago that you couldn't affectively bump a sales thread to the top of the list by making a comment. The rules have since changed to allow this now. That's my understanding anyway.

    EDIT: No, chatting in the for sale section is against the rules. I'm sorry I got it wrong before (^^^above). I don't want to mislead people.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2012
  10. Maprik

    Maprik Gold Member Gold Member

    May 17, 2012
    Thanks! Yup, just gonna put it behind me. I appreciate the kind words. Yes, I did report it to EBay, I wonder if it will work though since the ad has no direct connection to ZT. You wouldn't know it was a knock off unless you knew the 0560.
    I was just browsing for "titanium knife". It's from Hong Kong and the brand is called "Un-brand".
  11. Morrow

    Morrow Don't make this weird Staff Member Super Mod

    Apr 11, 2007
    Linking to live ebay auctions is considered deal spotting and against the rules. We don't want to give the folks selling counterfeit knives any additional exposure. Your intentions were good but you're right, a private message or email to one of the Kershaw forum mods is a better route. You could also simply start a thread saying you've spotted a counterfeit and invite the forum mods to contact you if they want additional information.

    If you're talking about Thomas, he's the Director of Sales and Marketing for Kai USA.

    The infraction you got was probably for chatting in a sales thread. Commentary, good or bad, in sales threads is not allowed. We have plenty of discussion forums here, the Exchange is for business and not discussion.

    All this information is in the rules by the way. <cough><cough> :p

    You'll find links to the FAQ and the Exchange rules in my signature.
  12. JSMcustoms


    Feb 2, 2012
    I did the same thing a bit after I had joined before I knew any better. But, you have to learn from your mistakes so you don't do the same thing a second time. On the actual topic of the thread, I dislike seeing people trying to pass of knives that are counterfeit as being the real thing. It only serves to give the knife makers a bad name in a way (and may effect their profit margin), though it shouldn't. Still, you'll always be able to find people that think that way.
  13. Seanifred


    Sep 3, 2010
    are you sure you're not talking about the hinderer xm knock-offs we see all the time? I've seen those a lot but not a 560 clone
  14. Maprik

    Maprik Gold Member Gold Member

    May 17, 2012
    Well I owned an 0560 for a little bit and it sure looks like one. I'm not really very familiar with the Hinderer knives though, but this one really looks identical to a 0560. Anyway, I'm going to try and leave this behind me now. For the record, I posted my "spam" on the this Forum not on a sales forum. I just should not have posted a link to the auction and I should have said derogatory things, even though a spammer could still use such a technique to get people to look. Again, this same thing with links to active EBay auctions is found on the Chrus Reeves forum, which I read often, so I thought it was ok. That CK thread is still there... Anyway, being fairly new here I just wanted to set the record straight. I don't want people to think I'm a spammer or condone the selling of clones/copies etc.
  15. simplespeed


    Jan 12, 2011
    I commented ona for sale thread a week or two ago. I said awesom knife and good price or aomething like that. We do have plenty of forum here for chatting about knives however this was a benchmade and we do not have a benchmade forum. I understand the reason comments arent allowed, and i know the rules are there for us to read before posting but a warning would have been nice. Anyway, whatever.
  16. espnazi


    Dec 7, 2010
    Found the ad. it is not a 0560 clone simply a titanium/CF XM-18 Fake.
  17. Dorito Monk

    Dorito Monk

    Nov 17, 2008
    Little did OP know, Complaining about receiving infractions is an offense punishable by another infraction! :eek:

    :mad: MODS, SEIZE HIM! :mad:

    Just kidding (probably). It seems like you really have to tiptoe through the tulips here on bladeforums. :confused:
  18. 00ChevyScott


    Dec 3, 2010
    Ya sometimes.

  19. DedRok


    Sep 2, 2011

    Forums that are to heavily moderated take away everything fun about being on a forum sometimes... you have to act like a robotic sheep sometimes.
  20. pry


    May 24, 2011
    I agree, the over policing takes a lot away from it. I'm a member on many boards for many different interests and this is the only one ive seen where you have to pay to sell and get PM's. Then you only get 100 PMs for a paid gold membership, like PM's cost them money. Funny how all the other boards can pay the bills just fine with advertising, i wonder where all that extra money goes.
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