got an M43

Aug 31, 2002
I just got the M43 that I ordered less than I week ago, and I paid with a check! I was expecting this thing to have a nice balance to it after hearing others but it turned out better then I thought. I have used a 33ounce 18in AK and a 27 ounce 18 WW2. When I swung this thing I figured that it was around 25 ounces, turned out to be 30. The handle is just big enough for my hand (which isn't big since I'm 17 and growing) so some of you guys may not have liked this M43, I figure Kumar must have some tiny hands. I was extremely pleased with the blade shape, it had a very consistent curve that includes the handle and a pointy tip. I'll take some digital pictures of it tomarrow since it's already getting dark out, but I need someone to post them for me.
Fastest shipping in the West.

I've had a khuk show up in two days. I think the record is -1 day - someone got a khuk with a postmark from the day before they ordered it. Then again, sometimes they show up of their own accord . . .