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Got Busse?

Awlllrighty then! The knife fairy just came by and dropped my BFC #9 off. I smiled when I held it in my hand. Shaves well and nice sheath too. I put it on and moved around as much as I could without getting poked anywhere. It has a quick release at the leg strap and between the belt loop and sheath. Here's a poor pic. Nice t-shirt too, huh?

If you would like a better pic of the sheath upper, e-mail me and I will scan one for you. This pic was done with a little Philips video cam and pretty much sucks.
The UPS guy also had a CRKT Shiny Kiss for me. Hey, after all it was my b-day yesterday!


Better yet, a link here to the sheath pic.

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Oct 6, 1998
I had to do a double-take. At first glance, the Native looks like it's much larger than the Busse, then I realized that it was part of the t-shirt print. A belated Happy Birthday to you, Jeff. Excellent gifts!

You may have something there.....where's Sal, maybe we can ask him for a Mega-Native!


I'm waiting for a SIFU now. That will make a nice pair of oversized knives to grin over.
It's my other birthday present.

I'm going to have to have a birthday every month if Mike and Spark keep offering knives that are a perfect match for my psych profile!

My #9 is so sharp, I have been splitting atoms in my makeshift laboratory.

Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.
Got mine yesterday after a BIG argument with UPS. No more UPS for me! EVER!

Anyway, back to the #9.

I've already got my first scratches, so this will definitely be a user. I usually hate the first mark on a new knife, but this happened so fast (my first cut) I didn't have time to get attached to it's pristine state. I just took it to mean the darn thing was tired of waiting in the box, sensed my attitude about first scratches, and decided to speed things up a bit. It's a moot point now. This thing obviously wants to work and it's going to get to do just that. Is it okay to chop, cut, and shave stuff just for the fun it, without a real purpose?

Sharp doesn't begin to describe most of the edge. I could actually hear my hairs begging me to stop just at the sight of the blade. As the edge got nearer, they started jumping off my arm and heading out the door screaming wildly, "It's a Busse, it's a Busse - run for your life"! One swipe and I now have a "smooth-as-a-baby's-bottom" spot about 2" around on my arm.

Unfortunately, the first inch at the tip and about the same amount on the rear were nowhere near as sharp. When I tried to slash a piece of newspaper, the tip just pushed the paper out of the way. Talk about bummed!

I was going to try stropping, but then I realized that, even with the instructions, I wasn't sure which edge was which. If you have the knife tip away from you, and the edge down, is the convex grind on the right or left? I've stared at the instruction sheet that came with the #9, but I just made myself more confused. Help....

Although it hasn't gotten an extended use test by me yet, the handle is quite comfortable. Maybe I'm lucky, but it feels almost as if it was custom-made for my hand.

The balance is great, and it certainly feels like a formidable tool, no matter what the target may be.

Anyway, I am really looking forward to putting this beast to use - just have to wait for my lefty sheath to show up.

I'm definitely glad that I made this purchase.


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Understanding without knowledge is a rare gift - but not an impossibility.
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Hey grnamin, thanks for the b-day wishes. I checked out the watch you mentioned in the "tactical watch" thread and it looks pretty cool.

Hey Codeman, the instructions say that the left side of the knife is the one to sharpen. That would be looking at it from the top with the point away from you. It is the narrower bevel. And c'mon, we wanna hear another UPS story!

"Is it okay to
chop, cut, and shave stuff just for the fun it, without a real

Fun is a real purpose!

-Cougar Allen :{)
If you are unsure then just outline the edge with a marker and lightly stroke it with a really fine hone (fine so as to create the least wear). If the edge is convex you will only remove a narrow strip of the marker no matter how you angle the hone. If the bevel is straight and you match the angle you can remove all the marker from the bevel in one smooth stroke.

Got my #9, spent yesterday marvelling at this SOB. Then it bit me.

Tonight I was sheathing it and dropped the blade onto the back of my hand from no more than an inch. No slice, just a draw. Went clean through all the skin so I could lift it and see tendons. No pain, and as I write this, several stitches later it still doesn't hurt a bit. This is the worst cut I've ever had in my life, and the least painful, BY FAR. This mother is sharppppppppppp.

Now I'm afraid to unsheath it again, since it's tasted a considerable quantity of my blood
Hey Eric,

Don't take it personal - the #9 is just telling you to use it, that's all!

Knowledge without understanding is knowledge wasted.
Understanding without knowledge is a rare gift - but not an impossibility.
For the impossible is always possible through faith. - Bathroom graffiti, gas station, Grey, TN, Dec, 1988

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Got my Busse today. It's not really mine yet, I haven't played with it enough to bleed yet
It is a sweet peice of steel with a kick butt handle and sheath

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Yeah, but there are nicer ways to get a message to me. Don't you think trying to remove two of my fingers is a little forward for our first date?

I mean, beware. This mofo badboy didn't drop more than an inch onto the back of my hand. Doc said I was very lucky to have all my tendons still holding on, as it got all the way down to 'em.

I think next time I unsheath this nasty steel wearing leather gloves (but then it would probably go for my biceps).

You could send it to me and I'll return it once it's tamed! LOL

Seriously, I'm glad no more damage was done. For what it's worth, after hearing your story, I'll be even more careful with mine.


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I might have missed it somewhere. I am curious as to what the blade coating is? The black blade is not the reason I bought the knife I was just waiting for an excuse to get a Basic. I learned from my experience and the experience of Rob Cude that NO blade coating last past the first encounter with a Coral Head. That is why I keep a can of Krylon Black Stove paint in my shop.

I have also sent the knife to Blade-tech for a RealTree scabbard for my rucksack and then it is off to Frank Sigmon for his newest kydex scabard with a monster pouch to carry the survival kit in. The Busse scabbard will fit on the side of my MISSION ESSENTIAL LRRP pack. Now if I could get one with a 15" blade and a 5% down cant to the handle I would have the perfect repalcement for my Swamp Rat.



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