Got my 1st one!


Oct 12, 1998
I finally took the plunge and got a 18in Ang Khola......what a knife for the $. The overall quality is very good, with the blade grind being excellent. The sheath is also excellent. There really is nothing like a handmade blade....just something magical about them! Now I'm trying to decide which will be my next!

Almost forgot! Uncle Bill treated me with the best customer sevice I have ever had from a "company". Outstanding!


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Welcome! Pretty amazing knives aren't they?
That's not a grind, they are forged that way.

You'll find that you can't own too many Khukuri's. Each one is different, even of the same model, and they each have different "personalities".
Great!!! And welcome to the Kantina jc!!!
Congrats on your first HI Khukuri and a fine one you picked Indeed!!!
I almost envy your innocence in the first throws of HIKV.

It will be interesting to see what you pick next in your own quest for your own "Perfect" khukuri.


Each person's work is always a portrait of himself.

---- Samuel Butler.

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Welcome to the Cantina. You chose a nice khuk for your first. Excellent choice.
Welcome to Uncle Bill's Mutant Knife Knutt Cantina! We are a rather eclectic and eccentric, yet all too human bunch here. And definitely watch out for HIKV!!!


JC--who made your AK? The stylistic differences between the kamis are almost as big a deal as the different khuk types. Each of the kamis has his own cadre of devoted fans here.
Welcome to the Forum

you'll find plenty of good stuff to take home with you...both in the literal and figurative sense...on these pages...

I just recently got my first HI khukuri too, they are outstanding knives! The website is full of friendly people with a lot of good advice. Welcome aboard!
Uncle Bill illustrates the warped perceptions we khukriholics pick up. He is perfectly correct when he observes the 12"ers are too small to be practical ( if you are talking about khukuris ). Practical khukuries ( axe substitutes ) do indeed start at the 15" ak and up. But the little 12" aks do a good job as a hatchet substitute.
Mine was make by Kumar........hopefully my next one will be make by him also(hint, hint!)

Boy, "jc", you are in trouble. I myself joined only a few weeks ago and already have developed a bad case of HIKV. Even a mild case tends to make the budget overload and the pocketbook considerably lighter. Welcome to our abberation

Welcome JC!

You'll be surprised how often you will want to chop stuff! Before I bought any H.I. khukuris, I hated to clean up yard waste. Now the yard and any stuff I can get my hands on to chop is gone fast! My Ang Khola is made by Sher, Kumar's brother. Awesome chopper and emergency car wreck tool! Also, great for chopping bone!
Welcome JC!!

Great choice of 1st khuk! I went with the 20" Ak a year or more ago and was thrilled with it also. Wait till your friends see that knife!--that's half the fun IMO
I used my 18" AK at a New Year's pig roast and the effect was hilarious!
Welcome to the Cantina!
Well, I got back to work after New Year's and my first K was waiting for me -- a BAS model, chosen on Bill's recommendation. Mine was made by Bura, I think (the mark is an upward-pointing crescent moon), and I'm just astonished at the size of the knife, its handling characteristics, and the overall packaging with the chakma and karda. I had it shipped to my office and had to show it off to a few friends -- mucho impressive. I can't wait to actually try it out at some point on the backyard brush.

I also got one of those little letter-opener sized knives, and it's really great for opening cartons and envelopes. Only complaint is that it fits very loosely in the scabbard ... but hey, for $15, what do I want?

I've got a JKM-1 on order too, and I'm afraid I may have contracted the virus.