Feb 27, 2001
interesting. cute little fella. Kind of heavy but pleasing blade design. overall i would say nice knife and worth the money another great knife from CRKT
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Thanks for the post. I'm looking forward to that knife in the near future. It looks real interesting. The "real thing" is a very fine piece. Enjoy it.


I am also considering getting one of these. Could you elaborate on what you like / didn't like about it? Seems a nice design from the pics.


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Hello again,
sure I would be glad to elaborate. Let me first say that I am a avid knife knut with over 600 knives in my collection. My everyday carry knife most days is the emerson cqc7 tanto.
The tigh tac seems to be a great solid knife. what I like about the knife is the very smooth action of the blade and locking mechanism. It seems to be a knife that could withstand heavy field use and still be sharp and solid. (so far I have only used it to cut a steak on the grill tonite to test if it was med. well as the wife had ordered haha) from an aesthetic stand point I like the arrangement of the torx screws and the combination of brushed steel on the tang and polished steel on the blade. the pocket clip is tight and appears to be able to keep the knife securely clipped into the pocket of my jeans.
What I dont like about the knife is the thumb stud is square! all of the other shapes of this knife are organic (grooves etc.) the thumb stud looks funny perched way on top the blade like a mounting pad for a camera tripod. It also seems a little heavy. Definatly a knife you wouldent want to be dragging to the top of mount everest but then again sometimes these carbon fiber jobs are way too light. I also just canceled my mt everest expedetion so overall the knife is a winner and a must have for the collector.

Hope this helps