Got my FFBM today, now for pics of my massive collection.

Ahhh yes, my thoughts exactly! Please post some pics of the final outcome if you find the time man! Great to see you have her in action already. I DARE YOU TO BREAK HER...:D
My pathetic Busse collection hanging out wishing they had more friends:


There is no such thing as a pathetic Busse collection.

Those two blades are very cool!
There is no such thing as a pathetic Busse collection.

That's the truth! :thumbup::thumbup:

We are lucky to be able to own even ONE of these blades.

230grains, you have a damn fine Busse collection..

Maybe not insane yet, but definitely not pathetic. :)
It's not the amount of knives you have, it's the quality! Looks to me like you're off to an excellent start! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

Really like the look of the slabs on your FBM. I've had several and for whatever reason they're all gone now. Still trying to remember how I justified letting them go... :eek::eek::eek:

Here's my collection as it stands. I've currently got less than half of what I used to own, but I think I've got some real quality INFI in this lineup:


Sooner or later I'll end up with another FBM. I'd really love to find something in satin or DC / green linen. :eek::eek::eek: