Got my first custom

Jan 25, 2001
My Mike Obenauf #3 arrived this afternoon.

Only had it 1/2 hour or so, but so far it seems nearly perfect. I'm not a big fan of dual thumbstuds, but it doesn't seem to hurt anything so far. There's a little "squeak" (is that spelled correctly?) when I open/close it, but a little White Lighting has made that much more bearable. I assume after using it a little it will go away.

_Perfect_ size clipped inside my right-front pocket. Very discreet carry. It's currently a bit of a PIA clipping it on (very tight clip) but again I'm hoping that will work itself out.

Fits my (small) hands great. I wasn't sure about the handle shape, but since I like the BM940, I figured this would be OK. It is.

I'd been alternating between my small Sebenza and blue BM940 10/00 KotM. Looks like this one knive will replace both.

Too cool! This custom knife stuff is pretty neat.

Originally posted by Michael_Aos

This custom knife stuff is pretty neat.

....and with that being said, production knives will no longer hold any interest :D

Congrats on getting your first custom in your hands.
Now is this a TRUE custom, what about 'sole authorship'? Remember to count the minions!

Or could you give a rats a** now that you have it...:)

Congrats! Enjoy!

Congrats Michael on the custom. I'm still looking, but there is a maker here in Albuquerque that has my attention and soon my money I suspect. Does anyone know anything about Keith Coleman Knives? Michael, post a picture of the Obenauf #3 when you get a chance.:)
Good for you, can you post a picture of that rascal?
I've a 940 and yep they are slim but still pretty darn nice too!
And a small Sebenza as well, you are climbing up there very fast...;)