Got my Griffith Tracker today!!!


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Oct 3, 1998
Lynn Griffith had a burgandy micarta handled Tracker listed on his site as being avaliable. I have admired it for a bit. Last night, my wife saw me looking at the picture on his site, she loved it. She then had me call Lynn and see if he still had it. He was kind enough to have myself and my wife come to his shop and examine the knife. As usual with Lynns knives, this is pure perfection. I opted to get the tek-lok system as well. This makes an already outstanding knife even better. I have not got to use the knife yet, but I will post further on performance after I use it a bit. I have the Patrolman, and have used it, so I can honestly say that Lynns knives are first rate in every way. You owe it to yourself to check them out. You will be glad you did. Lynns knives take the pleasure of owning a fine knife to new levels. See them here

My new Tracker

as you can see, this knife looks great.
Below are links to other pics I took of the knife, the tek-lok system and a few other pics.

Knife and Sheath

Sheath with the tek-lok

tek-lok with horizontal carry

tek-lok set for angled carry

OOPS!! Geez Lynn, does that hurt?
Lynn is demonstrating the proper way to check an edge.

Lynn, myself and my new Tracker

Thanks again Lynn, you and your wife were a pleasure to visit with. My wife and myself had a great time. See you next week for the tests.


Beautiful Knife!!!!!! One of these days I am going to order myself one of Lynn's blades. If I could only decide which one! That Tracker is looking pretty good right now!
Richard, nice choice. And I think you will like the Tek-loc, it is very useful. It will be some time before I recieve the Tracker that I ordered, but I think it will be worth the wait.

James Segura
San Francisco, CA
Lynn is demonstrating the proper way to check an edge.
Lynn's finger

WOW! That a really small knife! Or Lynn is about <u>8 feet tall!</u>

"Absolute safety is for those who don't have the balls to live in the real world."
Yep, your right. Lynn is 8 ft tall
Heh, actually that is one of his MNKs (mini neck knife). It has a wicked edge on it.

Thanks for the review. Thanks also to all that have responded to it with nice words. It was a pleasure having Richard over. He will be coming back to the house this weekend, and we will be doing some destructive testing to a few knives. I am really looking forward to it. Chief, and Yvsa from the forums will also be here. In response to the MNK's they are small. Very small. The plus side of that is that they make a great neck knife. Very light, and you just hardly notice you are wearing one. I will be adding several of them to my Available Knives page over the next few days.

Thanks again,

Lynn Griffith-Knifemaker
Available Knives
Lynn, I've been hanging out at your web site a couple of days now. The pictures that Richard posted, especially the one that shows him holding the tracker, really put the size of your knives into perspective. Ever since then, I can't get them off my mind (that's a bad sign for my bank acct.
). I just can't decide between a Tracker, a Texan, or a Patrolman.

"Absolute safety is for those who don't have the balls to live in the real world."
Rockspyder, Lynn is correct. I can help you decide. BUY BOTH!!
Actually, its a tough choice. I suppose if concealment was a large factor, the the Patrolman would be the obvious choice. The carry options are many, and should be able to accomidate your carry method that you prefer. The Patrolman is compact, but quite capable of performing out of all proportion to its size. Definatly one to consider.

The Tracker, being a bigger knife of course, is not practical for neck carry. Although, I guess if you wore thick, baggy shirts you could. However, with the tek-lok you have quite a few different belt carry options. I have been messing with the tel-lok today and discovered it makes for an exellant inside the waist band carry.

Another benefit to whichever knife you choose is that you get a knife that is just plain fun to use. These knives are also classy looking and a pleasure to just hold and play with while watching TV or whatever.

Even though they look so good, dont be afraid to use them. Lynn can refurbish them to looking brand new.

If you want any more info on the ones I have, please ask. I would be happy to email or provide any info or pictures you want.

Well, back to playing with the tek-lok. I have been having a blast trying to see how many carry methods I can find with it.

Hope this helps.

I started off with a Sniper. Nice, easy to hide neck knife that is ALL BUSINESS!
For Christmas, I moved up to the Marksman. Wicked sharp and one hell of an intimadating point! Nice sheath too with the Tek-Loc. It fits my hand very nice and is a pleasure to carry. With the red G10 and nice bead blast, I just havn't been able to bring myself to use it yet


New Hawkbill Pics!

Beautiful knife Richard!!! All this is getting me very excited - a stag-handled Tracker will be arriving tomorrow and a Talonite Tracker is on order for mid-May. Can't wait to actually handle this puppy - will be able to take it to work with me tomorrow night & try it out. Come May it will be like Deliverance(the movie!) - Dueling Trackers!(like in banjo's, not the other scene
). One for each hand! Will be interesting to do some comparison cutting tests with the ATS-34 & the Talonite models. Will give report when get back from Fla. next week.

Lynn, my primary use? Well, to be honest, it would probably be what Richard mentioned in part of his post: playing with it while sitting in front of the TV
. But seriously, it would just be an all-around utility knife, for the most part. And it would have to be capable of concealment on a rather small person, for two reasons. (1) Only folders are allowed for carry in MD; (2) I am about 5'7", and weigh about 140 lbs. Right now, under a sweater, sweatshirt, or 'over shirt' (rugby worn outside the waistband), a Nimravus Cub hides nicely.

The Cub mostly gets used when I'm working on my Jeep, cutting up recycling boxes, pruning branches off of trees, opening mail, cutting the cheese (oops, wait, that didn't come out right!
) etc. And just rides there on my hip ready to do what the Spydie Standard can't, which I carry for use around the sheep. Whatever I buy would have to be 4" long or less. I like the blade shape of my Cub, which would lead me toward the Patrolman. But I also like the Texan's blade shape. The Sniper looks WAY wicked, but just not my cup-o'-tea. There's also the mid-sized neck knives, like the 5.5" that someone is having made now.

Any chance of getting whatever it turns out to be in satin, instead of BB?

"Absolute safety is for those who don't have the balls to live in the real world."
My postal carrier left me a note today that says I can pick up my package from a "Mr. Griffith" anytime tomorrow. My Patrolman has landed! Guess I know what I'll be doing on my lunch hour tomorrow.

Seems that Lynn is getting pretty popular around here! Hope the Patrolman is as nice as I think it will be!


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