Got my Lightfoot back from Razor Edge Knives!


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Feb 15, 2014
Just got my Lightfoot back from Josh at Razor Edge Knives and I couldn't be happier with the results. Josh did an acid etched and stonewashed finish on the blade, added some jimping and re-bead blasted the titanium liners, gave it a nice edge, and changed out the washers / tuned the action. I love the look and the action is amazingly smooth.

If you're considering having some work done on your knife, I would highly recommend Razor Edge Knives. Josh is great to work with and he does a quality job.

And some pics...

20170809_181121.jpg 20170809_181737.jpg 20170809_180154.jpg 20170809_180210.jpg 20170809_180253.jpg 20170809_185900.jpg 20170809_181505.jpg 20170809_181021.jpg 20170809_180604.jpg
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