got my RTAK

Jul 25, 1999
Got my RTAK this week, my son and I both got totally exited when the UPS truck pulled up in front of the house. we just stared at the box for a few minutes ,he said open it and I said no I just want to stare at the box for a minute
finally opened it, could of ripped it open but no a chance to use a KNIFE.
Got the RTAK out and was amazed by it, guys know the feeling of just holding your new blades in your hands.
love the grip,love micarta, love satin(rough) micarta not shiny.
today I got out some bow wood thats been curing for a year,Mesquite, and Juniper(hard as h*&ll) whacked out some bow blanks with my RTAK.
Really liked the way it felt in my hands.
cut threw the stuff excellently.
was able to chop threw it no problem.seemed to hold edge well.
of course when i was done i sharpened it again ,but I'm a sharpaholic.
always getting my knifes out and checking the edge even if i havent used them(you guys know what I mean).The wife thinks I'm crazy

If you guys are thinking of getting a RTAK i would reccomend it.
plenty strong for my needs.
and if i have a problem i'll call Newt and i know he'll take care of me.
I'm trying to figure out where I'm going to carry it.

Jeff Sanders
How's the balance on it?

How are the handle ergonomics?

I would like to get one. I have a Basic 9 on order and would love to compare the two (and an Ang Khola and a machete).

Thanks and enjoy your new blade!

Clay Fleischer
AKTI Member A000847

Specialization is for insects.

I waited about 4-5 weeks for knife.
The handle is way thinner than expected.definetly feels comfortable.
The blade feels balanced good for me.
I sure would like to get a busse basic as well, probably a small one.
The RTAK will meet my needs for a big blade.
Might get a air assault possibly in the future.really like Newt's blades like others have said they are built to use.
The RTAK is kind of between a machate and a knife.
I'm trying to figure out where to carry it comfortably, and would like ideas from others that have Jeff Randall, and others who own them.
Jeff Sanders

To be perfectly honest with you about carrying the big blade...ours usually get thrown in the bottom of the boat when we're in the jungle and just carry the large blade in hand when we're on foot, since our typical 'hiking' has no trails. This way I have it ready to clear bush and mark back trails at critical points. - Jeff

Randall's Adventure & Training

Hi Jeff (Randall) -- have you had any experience with Busse knives? If so, any notable comparisons between the RTAK and any of the Busse's?



Clay Fleischer
AKTI Member A000847

Specialization is for insects.

I've only handled a few of the Busses at shows. My initial opinion is they are first-rate quality blades. I wanted to take a Basic 9 down to the jungle in October but I wasn't sure if they would be out in time. Now that they're out, we are already 'knifed-up' and I don't think we could do the blade justice due to time.

It will be top of the list for the next trip, but I honestly don't think I will find anything I don't like about it.

The only real usage difference I could forsee would be in the thickness difference between the RTAK and Busse. The RTAK will probably out-slash the Busse in a jungle environment and ease of re-sharpening, but the Busse will probably out-do the RTAK in strength and maybe hold an edge longer. So it will probably just boil down to whatever the user's requirements are.

Cliff is lining up a review of the RTAK and RCM, so I look forward to his results. - Jeff