got some zt goodies

Dec 31, 2010
I have added to my little collection a new 0801(784) and a 560cbcf (1219) the cbcf is my 2nd 560. Only knife I have 2 of. I am looking forward to the 560bw. The 801 is going to work with me tonight for a month. I will miss the 560 with rival scale but I think the 801 will do fine.

Here is a pic without my 350tiger stripe

Nice.....You will love the 0801!! The 0560cbcf is very high on my list but all the new ones wont let me save the money l
I got the 560 from bhq for a decent price. People are still trying to sell it for over $400. My 801 is a little wobbly, going to try and tighten the pivot.