Got the waitin' blues

Jun 14, 2001
I cut a deal on a BM 710HS a week ago with a dealer; asked him to check the knife over for QC problems before sending it. He found the blade was significantly off-center, sent it back to BM, and we are both awaiting the replacement.

Unfortunately, I made the dumb! dumb! dumb! :D mistake of visiting my local knife store to handle a BM 710 (I had never handled it before, I bought it on the overwhelming recommendations of my fellow forumites). Now I am seriously jonesin' for this beauty to come in!!!

I really liked the ATS-34 version of this knife; I can only imagine how I'm going to feel when my M2 version arrives!!!!

Anybody else got the waitin' blues?


P.S. I just want to put in a good word for the dealer - John of Cumberland Knives. What a wonderful person to deal with, and I'm real glad that he spotted the flaw in the knife before it went out the door. It sure would have sucked even more if I actually got it and had to send it right back out :rolleyes:
Lets see...1 year, 11 months, 8 days till I get my Carson.

LOL. 1 year, 11 months, AND 5 DAYS til my carson m#4 fighter blade, green canvas micarta scales. mmmmmm canvas micarta :D .

I'm waiting for my Fallkniven A1, Case Stag Trapper, and 1st Opinel to arrive. But those should be here tomorrow or Monday. I don't mean to get you bummed out, but I had to send my 710 M2 steel back to the manufacturer. It took a couple weeks. I have no idea how their knives can be so consistently poor in the QC dept, while we keep coming back. That is because when you get it back it will be in your pocket for good. Awesome knife. Just wish they could do it right the first time.
heehee, couple of weeks 'til the next DDR hits, and then it's "happy dance" time:D
Then I can start harassing him, I mean, waiting patiently for the next one.

5-6 months on a Rinaldi. Oh the agony....the good news is I have time to change my order 15 times and drive him nuts:p (kidding-I'd like the knife delivered to my house, not a bodily orifice)
I know the feeling, I'm waiting for a number of knives, but most of all my Madd Maxx, the wait is ABSOLUTELY KILLING ME !!! The last update which i got today, was another couple of weeks, ACK !! :( God only knows how I am going to make it till that faithfull day the UPS man rings my door button.

Darrel, oh Darrel, rescue me !!!!

p.s. - To everyone else on the forums, my wait might not be as bad if all of you would stop raving about the ones you already have :D

1 year, 8 months, 5 days, 9 hours, 13 minutes, and 55 seconds until I can get the next knife. Or at least that's what my wife says :)

No wait, she said when hell freezes over :D

Gotta agree on the BM sentiment - my few moments of handling it suggests that this could be a really special knife, even for a production, but one does wish that they could get it right the first time!

Thanks guys, for allowing me to get that off my chest! No more blues!
I just crossed over to the Dark Side yesterday and ordered my first cusom knife from a local maker, Keith Coleman:D. I really enjoyed going over to his place, handling all of his stuff:rolleyes: and deciding what I wanted on my knife. At least I only have a SIX month wait:eek:, of course it will take great self control not to drop by his shop every couple of hours to see if my knife is ready. :rolleyes:
My longest knife wait was threee years. There are some in the works right now that will beat that. The trick is just to space them out so the wait does not drive you too crazy. :eek: