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Have you bought a knife just for the hype?

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Mar 8, 2001
We all probably have all gone through this in our life where we wanted something badly & had to have it. Have you ever bought a knife knowing that it was an over priced piece of crap just because it was made by a particular maker?
Yes, I admit it. I've bought knives just to see if they lived up to the hype. Some of them have, some have not.
I would say sure, but the hype was by other owners and over what they thought was a good product. That's not exactly buying into hype. A good example from way back is my Benchmade 975SBT aka the large benchmade copy of the Emerson CQC7. Junk, no way. Most recent is the REKAT Sifu, and I love it. In between the Chris Reeves Shadow IV and Project 1 and was very pleased them. I think hype is generally associated with advertising, not word of mouth or reviews from owners. I cant afford them all so I am choosey.
Have I ever bought into the hype...YES I have!

Do I regret it....not really, I've gotten some good knives that I probably wouldn't have bought on my own.

Will I ever do that again...YES, how can I help it? I've only been a member of BladeForums for a month or so and I can't help but keep constantly falling over threads of serious knifenuts that completely go nuts over the BM 710. I'd be a fool not to get put this one on my must have list. Will it live up to all of the hype? Only time will tell. -Rick
I would never buy a knife because of how much it is hyped. I see a knife I am interested in and I come to the forums and ask if members have any experience with the knife or the maker. If I don't get any major complaints I then contact the maker. If I like what I hear, I order the knife.

In the old days, before custom knives were all that I would buy, I would buy knives just because I liked the way they looked and trusted the manufacturer. If I still bought production knives, I would still do the same thing. With the cost of custom knives I think it is important to know as much about the maker as possible before you make your decision.
I bought a knife because of the hype...
To tell the truth, I thought the Microtech LCC looked funny and felt funny (I held one at a knife show). ::looks away in shame::
But when I saw lots of them on ebay selling for $125 I grabbed one.
It was difficult to make an EDC at first because I have my beloved Benchmade 710BT. I wouldn't carry the LCC because I still thought it looked funny.
A little later I kept looking at it and playing with it and I loved it so much I didn't want to mess up this perfect looking knife, so I still didn't carry it.
Finally I started carrying it and haven't stopped.
All the hype about it is true :D