Got to spend the Christmas cash!

Jun 13, 2004
Yep, I got me some Christmas cash. It isn't alot. The pile of cash got smaller with purchasing the stuff we need for the new house and the new baby on the way; but I figure I could get an inexpensive oxygen/fuel welding and cutting kit

My question to the experienced welders is:

Are the basic oxy/acetelyne kits on eBay safe and effective (I am looking primarily at the UL ones with the check valves)?

or should I stick with my Bernzomatic Mapp/Oxygen for brazing and get a WalMart arc welder for the equipment I want to make. Maybe pick up a metal cutting bandsaw from Grizzly or Harborfreight?

The limit is $250.00 for the kit & fuel or for the welder & bandsaw.