Graham Knives PK 2 Passaround review...PICS

Jan 3, 2003
Jon and Josh Graham were gracious enough to loan us a passaround to try out :)
Passaround thread is HERE

Here is this beauty remininsent of the Khukuri balde that I so love.

It is a S30 blade that is up to any task that I asked of it

The fit and finish is typical of Graham Knives....that means it is flawless :) and lovely to boot
Dang it!!
I didn't take any pics of the sheaths. It came with a kydex and for us puritans a pocket leather sheath that rides in my right front pocket.
Anyway it is a righteous piece of steel and I like it lots!!


Aug 18, 2003
I figured I would bring this back up to the top, since you took such lovely pics. Tom! I had the pleasure of handling this knife in the passaround as well and the pics. don't even begin to show the fit and finish Jon and Josh do on there knives, simply amazing. And the leather sheath kicks butt too.

When I recieved this knife it needed a good sharpening, so I sharpened it at 25 degrees on my Lansky, which produced a good edge. This knife did not slice as well as the Razel I handled in the other passaround, but it was okay for general utility uses. It is definitely a very strong little knife and quite comfortable in the hand. It is an interesting design but I think I like my khukri's alot larger. Keep up the good work Jon and Josh I look forward to handling more of your masterpieces.
Feb 13, 2004
Graham Knives PK
I had a hard time taking my Razel out of my pocket to make room for the PK. But I got past it, at first I didn't think I would like the blade shape. But after using it everyday I come to like it just fine. The front portion of the blade made opening packages, cutting stretchwrap off pallets, or anything else I threw at it a breeze. The curved part of the blade worked very well for stripping wire.
Everyone commented on the Blue G-10 and how nice it looked. The pocket sheath is one of the nicest designs I've ever used. The pocket clip stays where you put it. They also make a kydex sheath with tec-lok that works well for belt carry. I used it in a horizontal cross draw for the times when I have my tools on my right side. It holds the knife very secure with no chance of it falling out.
I feel the Grahams have made another nice option for EDC.