Granddads knife

Apr 19, 1999
Hey guys,

My Grandfather died about 10 years ago now, among some of the things he left me was one of his Sheffield Stright-razors (still with its box) and his old pocket knife.

The knife is a two blade folder, I have no idea of the make or age, but its enough to know that it was something he carried with him every day on the farm.

There are times I wish that knife could talk, I suspect it saw some interesting adventures.

Anyone else have somthing simmilar?


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Well I have a knife that is pretty old made somewhere in the South Pacific. I dont know how old it is either. It would be pretty intresting to hear the tales that, that knife would tell but I can only imagine.
Interesting post, Andre.
My grandpa traded me one of the knifes he carried for a Barlow I had.
He kept the Barlow about a week and then wanted to trade back.I wouldn't do it.That Barlow was HARD and he couldn't sharpen it with his old "rock." He dropped that old rock one day and it broke in two. I still have that at least.
I have no idea what happened to that knife,but I sure wish I had it now.

The other thing about "Grandpa's knife is,he kept it sharp.
It was carbon steel.It got and kept a patina on it.
He never oiled it or gave it a second thought.
It was most definitely a user.
It usually lasted for years.

Now we worry about rust,lubes,
polishes and wonder what steel is the best and what new wonder cutting material is coming out next.
It kinda makes me wonder sometimes.


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I have a knife from my Grandpa who passed 19 years is an old fixed blade Western in original sheath that says "Patent Pending" on the blade. He always kept it oiled and we used it when we went hunting together but it looks like new. My son will be lucky if he gets it before I die.
My dad died about 4 years ago (age 80). One of the things I have from him is a pocket knife that he carried for longer than I can remember. By the end he had retired it from daily carry. (I have the knife he was carrying then too--it will go to my son when he gets old enough to appreciate and care for it.) I have no idea who made it or anything like that. My dad was always a bit heavy-handed with the sharpening so this knife is sharpened down to almost nothing, but I expect to keep the knife as long as I am around.

Paul Neubauer