Great Benchmade service...

Dec 20, 1998
I just got my BM800SBT back from Benchmade service. I had got in a motorcycle accident in January and scuffed up one of the scales. I decided to send it back and pay BM to replace it for looks sake. They told me it could be up to $30 total. I got it back today and they paid the shipping and fixed it free! That is what I call service. Way to go BM!!


Love your handle !! I have only read good comments about Benchmade customer service so far on this forum, and from personaly experience I agree.

Its no surprise to anyone that Benchmade is my favorite knife company, but these are the "behind the scenes" reasons that make Benchmade stick out. I'm so glad other people are starting to post their experience with Benchmade. Anyone else, even if its bad post it, this is not a feel good forum, everyone wants the truth

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I had a good experience with BM customer service, too. I bought a used Stryker and sent it for a blade replacement. The service rep Travis was very helpful and the turn around time very acceptable.


Yep, Mr. Travis Noteboom of the BMST is one hell of a guy. -AR

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