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Great deals forum?

The Magician

Jan 19, 2000
From time to time we knife knuts come across deals that we want to share with the other forumites. I know VG will not allow posts like that in community and Paracelsus is not too fond of them here either. So I was thinking how about a forum where we can post the great deals we find around the net. Of course I am happy to volunteer to moderate this new forum. Anyone else agree?

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Good Idea Brian!

Actually, I also wanted to be in this thread, so I can be moved again! Paracelsus likes doing that to me
Paracelsus moves me

We already have a trading forum for Everything but Knives Here

And Here is the Gadgets and Gear forum.

I really wish people would look around the different Bladeforums forums more. I know folks feel they don't get the same traffic that they would in the general forum, but that is because the general forum has been used as sort of a 'catch all' for non-knife threads. I am trying to keep the general forum focused on Knife discusssion, not politics, not community issues, not good deals that you think others might like.

I appreciate the sense of giving and sharing that these sort of posts represent. BUT, they belong in other forums that already exist here at BFC.

The recent rash of knife give away threads is OK in my opinion. They are knife related, folks really enjoy them, and there are not so many of these sorts of threads that it becomes a major distraction.

Mark (TK), you move me too. Now if I could only find the Flush button, everything would be groovy...


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Are you sure? For example I know where Guntings and trainers can be found for $101.99. Does this belong in gadgets and gear? Non-knife items for sale/trade? I know these other forums exist, I just didn't think they were for this.

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Brian, you might be right. I do not know how selective these two forums are about posts. I do feel that these sort of topics are Not appropriate in the general forum. On the other hand, giving friends tips or heads-up notices about good deals is not a 'bad' thing either.

So, maybe you have a point. Some sort of Good Deals or a Heads Up forum might be a good idea. It could be in the community area or the exchange area. But I see some potential problems regarding direct advertisements in such a forum. Folks could easily take advantage of such forums to advertise all sorts of things for Free. That is not fair to the ownership of this site (BFC).

This is really up to Spark and Mike. It's their forum. I am just trying to enforce the rules they have established for the site. This is often a judgement call on my part. So I will just shut up now and wait for Spark or Mike to address your question. You might try emailing them about this as well.

I propose the following, in order to keep the general forum "On Topic".

1) Contest forum for all those 0 knife content, space taking threads.

2) Secrets forum, where everyone can go
and talk all about how "xyz" makes
"abc" knives. Or I have info about
"x" and I promised I wouldn't reveal.

3) "Great deals" could go to the sdales forum, IMO.

Paracelsus wrote:
But I see some potential problems regarding direct advertisements in such a forum. Folks could easily take advantage of such forums to advertise all sorts of things for Free. That is not fair to the ownership of this site (BFC).

If I was chosen to moderate this forum I could move or lock threads that needed it.
If you find a hot deal that is about knives then you have my permission to post it in the dealer section for that dealer. I would appreciate it however if you would buy from the dealers who already advertise and post here. Most will match prices if you give them the opportunity.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
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My only concern would be that the forums become too specialized and fragmented. From some of the posts this week I've learned about tattoos, birds and dueling knives--not exactly the subjects I thought I'd find. Some I did enjoy. I kind of look at the forums like a big virtual pawn shop. If there was a knife show in your town with everything, you'd probably go. If there was a knife show with only 18th century Persian castrating shears, the only person that would go would be Vampire Gerbil. If someone gets a good deal, or if a merchant performs a good customer service it should be posted where everyone can see it.--OKG
Or, Maybe post it in the GB&U. If you find a good deal, I think that it would fall under the GOOD
I agree. thanks everyone.

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Mike Turber,

I would really like to support "1Stop" as it is this board's retailer. The prices are getting much more competitive too.

However, service could be much better and is often darn frustrating.

1. I had a knife order which did not arrive for a month. I had to do a follow up e-mail to get it shipped out.

2. My e-mails are rarely given replies.

3. As I wrote at the REKAT forum. The SE Sifus are overdue on the delivery date. It would be nice if those of us with orders were kept inform of what's going on.

I know managing this board, work, side businesses etc. takes up a lot of time. However, the aforementioned criticism is part of doing good business, and building customer loyalty. For example, Brian at Discount Knives promptly answers ALL e-mails, informs you whether the item is in stock, and -- in most cases -- ships it out promptly.

I know the last thing you want to do after a hard days of work is to answer redundant questions via e-mail. Maybe you should hire an assistant; that's what kids are for!

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I frankly don't see the problem with "good deals" threads on the general forum. I think they have the requisite knife content, and are rarely either extremely long, or disruptive. If you don't want to read it, you should generally be able to tell by the title. I don't usually open up any thread with a name like "best clam-digging knife" because I really don't care how my clams get dug; likewise I don't have to read a thread about "cheap SAKs" because I don't want an SAK. Just my .02 cents (and a plea for forum simplicity, from those of us stuck in dial-up land).
Personally I think this is a great idea. Now if this were to be coupled with rolling the Knives for sale by individuals, makers, dealers and knives wanted to buy into the classifieds then you're talking...