Great Meeting With Papathud at Del Mar Today!


Mar 9, 2000
Today I made the drive down to Del Mar to see the Busse display. It was the highlight of my week. I had the fine pleasure of meeting Mr. Andre DuMouchel and his wife. The Busse display was first-rate, with all different variations of this fine knife, including a straight handle Battle Mistress, a triple-grind Battle Mistress, and a triple-grind Bolo!!! Mr. and Mrs. DuMouchel are class acts and really know how to treat a prospective customer. In between talking about these fine knives, Mr. DuMouchel and I talked at length about wrestling (the real stuff)and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, as well as Kyokushinkai (sp?) karate and Aikido. He took out about an hour an a half of his day to whet my appetite on these knives. In addition to all the above knives, there was a full length Busse sword- truly awesome! I must say thank you to Mr. and Mrs. DuMouchel for the gracious welcome. I look forward to seeing them again at the Blade Show West in September.
Wrestlings not real?????:(

I want to add that I bought my first Busse from Andre!
It was a straight handled Bagder Attack. Great guy to deal
Thanks Andre.

I'm glad to hear that you had the opportunity to meet with Andre and his wife. They are fine people and great dealers who go the extra mile to take care of their customers.

Jerry Busse
I too met the Dumouchels at Del Mar. Great display, great folks, and I picked up a Basic 3 to keep my other Busse's company.
Ad,Chip,Alan,Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Busse Addicts of Every Size,
Thank you for the good words.
The show was a blast (pun intended).
I had a good time, it was certainly good to meet you and see people face to face who I've previously only met on the forums.
Ad drove down from the greater Los Angeles area.
Alan drove down all the way from Idaho.
Chip, is "Pennsylvania"(sp) really too far to come to one of my shows? Are you really gonna make me infringe on someone else's territory back east in order to meet you?
Thank you all,
Another strong endorsement for PapaThud!!

You just don't buy Busses from this man; You are 'educated and enlighten to all things Busse.

Jeez Andre,
Let's see?? It probably a 3000+ miles trip for me. I think if I left a week and a half early, I could probably make one of your shows!!!! I don't fly!!!;)

What do they say??? The phone is the next best thing to being there!!!!! :D

Hey, Dave Roberson told me, you had the only straight handled Badger Attack for sale in the country. What was I to do??????:p

If you are as nice in person as you are on the phone. I'm sure it would be a pleasure meeting you Andre!!!

Take care,