Greco Companion Cub and Tanto...

Oct 20, 1999
This will be short and sweet. No torture test here, not necessary.

Tanto was way to big to do what I had in mind for it-replace my UJI as a personal defense weapon. Too heavy, too thick, and too pretty. Instead, this will find its way on mine or my buddies day pack for hiking utility knife. Tough enough for anything, sharp enough for almost as much. Heavy enogh for a light, small chopper. Grip is nice-pinky catch, full tang, index groove, vvery comfy. Micarta is textured nicely, and slabs have lanyard hole. The knife reminds me of a CRKT Komodo-just smaller. Def a cool piece, but to thick for a fighter.

Companion Cub. This knife is to be carried on and off with my incoming Patrolman. I LOVE this knife. I carried it all weekend, and it was a pleasure, even with the leather sheath accompanying it. Sometimes, leather is just more classy, you know? Sharp, thick, feels nice in the hand, and small enough to be people-friendly. Grip is nice, micarta done well. This knife is probably the closest thing I found to the perfect knife I have found in a long time! It cuts all well, and it sharpened easily. I am most likely going to get its big broher in A2 as soon as $$$ becomes available.

Thanks to Larry at, stand up dude...

Steve IN NYC

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Nice review... short and to the point. John Greco's knives are great. Very well made and an excellent value. His wife makes some very nice leather sheaths for the knives, too.

Very nice people. If you ever meet them, they will seem like long lost best friends.

You'll love the full-size Companion in A2. Mine is my favorite camping knife.