Greco Companion Cub


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Oct 14, 1998
At 8" OA with a 3 1/2" bead blasted blade, this is the smaller version of the Greco Companion. The blade is 3/16" A2 with black micarta handles of the same thickness and comes with a very thick leather sheath
that leaves about an inch and a half of handle protruding.

The flat ground blade is shaving sharp, slicing a bit smoother than a push cut. Stabbing in any grip and grip switching is fine, though the slabs might feel a little slick to some.

The lanyard hole is smaller than I like for an FB and is the same size as on Spyderco folders. The sheath is a low ride model, any lower and it would be thigh carry. The leather sheath of the old Spyderco Moran though a bit loose fit my purposes better in terms of carry and it didn't hurt to attach a lanyard to the knife. This knife is not for big gloves though but for general cutting and kitchen duty.

An inexpensive alternative for Greco, Busse Mean Street, Nealy Pesh Kabz owners who wanta cheaper knife for certain occasions. The only weakness is the sheath if you like a quick draw knife get some kydex or a cut down leather sheat.
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