Greco Knives

Jun 24, 1999
I recently purchased a 14in. combat knife from Greco Knives. Right away I was impressed with the design, the looks, and the apparent quality. John seems to share my preference of a solid full tang knife with an integral guard and then handle slabs attached to the tang. I tried the knife out with some light chopping and the knife's weight and blade foward design made it an excellent chopper. Also the knife's lacquer coating held up extremly well no signs of the chopping were visible on the edge.

I plan to soon purchase more of John's knives and I anticipate great things for his knives in the future based on their outstanding quality and great prices.

I would like to know if anyone else out there has purchased any of John's knives, especially his Companion or MST models, and what your opinion is of them. For those who don't own a Greco piece I'm here to personally endorse them for what it's worth and suggest you check them out.
If you have the means, I'd love to see a pic of the knife. I'm always up for a good big chopper.

I have Greco's Companion. Indeed, it would take a damn lot to destroy the knife. I've used to hack away (not the best size) at dead branches, stabbed into logs, etc. to see how well the finish and edge would hold. I was impressed. The A2 steel kept the edge and the finish barely showed any scratches.

I guess my problem is not quite figuring out where this knife fits in terms of use. It's a heavy and thick (1/4" spine) blade but relatively short at near 6" of cutting edge. The saber grind does not slice well like a thinner flat grind. At the shorter OAL makes it less than ideal for a chopper. But if I had to take bomb proof relatively light survival knife, this would be it.

He had his new 3/16" models displayed at the Blade show. I think these are more suitable to my general use. His prices are great and the knives all come with a high quality leather sheath. So I will probably end up with the thinner/smaller Companion in the future.

I think Greco makes excellent fixed blades with excellent price. I's still waiting for him to have his own website and/or email address. Do any online dealers carry his line?
The only problem I have with my Greco Companions is that the sheaths ride high, so the protruding tang/butt jabs and scrapes into my hip. Other than that, great no-nonsense piece of steel.
Just like sing, I had a companion and liked it but struggled as to where it fit into my knife needs. But one strong knife!! When I ordered it, I did specify A2 steel, but it came with 1085 so I had to send it back--no problem though. Make sure you specify which steel you want. John Grecco is very easy to work with.
Aside from being a very good guy, you can't beat a Greco knife. Or should I say, Yes you can beat a Greco knife!

John's knives are well designed, quality made, super strong and offer probably the best value out there for a custom fixed blade.

Keep up the good work John.

Outdoor Edge Cutlery Corp.

David Bloch,
Good people and solid knives. Don't look for a web page too soon. John is into low tek and lives in the sticks. He does put out a no need for excuse product.



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I called Greco knives today--got John himself. I asked if he could make me a smaller/thinner version of his Companion, and he said that one already existed--it's the new line of knives someone mentioned above that were debuted at the Blade Show.

I ordered a mini-Companion (about 9" overall I believe) and one of his hatchets.

We ended up talking for about 20 minutes--he was just shooting the breeze on a Friday afternoon. What a nice guy! (Guess it could have been SLIGHTLY nicer if it was on a 1-800 number

BTW, he is offering 15% off his normal prices on everything in stock right now.