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Greco Kukri ?


I would love to see the pictures. If you can post a link it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Here is a pic


And its available at http://www.bladeart.com/

the jimping he uses on the spine can be seen on the MST picture on my site.


I wouldn't call that a khukuri, but it has an interesting grind structure. The handle is very Busse-like though.


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I would also say it is a far stretch from a khukuri, but a cool-looking knife all the same. Sort of like the pic of a "kukri" that Ken Onion posted a few months ago...or was it Rob Simonich? Maybe both. Anyway, I'd like to see how it feels and performs myself. I'd be most interested in the transition zone between the two types of grinds and how that affects the slicing, and also the ergonomics of the handle. John has been using that shape of hanlde for a long time, and it is very long, at least on my MST II. It took me a long time to get a feel for that handle, so I wonder if this is maybe an improved version?

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Manage to take a look at that one during the Blade show. Its part of a three knife series that includes the recurved blade, a machete, and a cutlass. Decided to go with the machete model during the show.

These are interesting because they feature a new high carbon steel John is importing from Europe. Blade thickness is 5mm (metric - somewhere between 3/16 and 1/4").

I have had the privilege of visiting john's shop several times (I am an aspiring apprentice). He was making the Kukri for the blade show whle I was there. They WILL hold up. He has been doing his handle type long before Busse got into the business. You won't find a better knife for the money. John's knives are for using and are priced to sell to the every day working fellow, and still allow John to make a living.
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