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Oct 20, 1999
I am interested in a Greco Tanto. I am ordering a CUB COMPANION and was wondering if any of you guys has had the chance to put the Tanto thru its paces?

I would appreciate ANY info you may have, and pictures showing scale would be great. This knife would be acting as a replacement to my UJI Fighter from Livesay...for I found other uses for the UJI.

I am better off just ordering another UJI? Or is the Greco better? I love all my Livesay knives, but I realize what they lack in refinement, they make up for in actual utility, kydex work, and AWESOME MICARTA WORK!!!


Steve in NYC

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the Greco's I have held have all been very thick (.25"), STURDY pieces - isn't the Uji cut from thinner stock? Thus lighter in the hand as a fighter. I don't know that I'd call Greco's work "refined," it seems in the same class as Newt's but the blade coating is much more even. Another point, for a defense/fighter: the bent blade of the Uji delivers terrifying cuts; on the other hand, the lack of a guard can be troublesome for some users.

I've never seen or handled a Greco tanto, alas, so I have no insight on that specific model. The MST II is VERY nice, although a bit of a brute.

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