Greek knife-law question

Jan 4, 2001
I´m going to Greece in a week.
Anybody know how the Greek knife-laws are?
Is it OK to carry a folder?

I would say that there shouldn't be a problem, but of course, common sense applies.

The law here in Greece is strange: it says "ALL knives that can be used to cause bodily harm are banned, EXCEPT those justified by profession, trade, craft, hunting or fishing".

So, it says that everything is banned, but everything is free, if justified. It looks strange, but it means that every law-abiding citizen is free to carry any pocket knife or multi-tool, and any hunting knife when on the mountains and any fishing knife by the sea. On the other hand, anybody using any pointed tool to harm another person, can be prosecuted for this, no matter how large or how small the knife is.
A lot of greek people believe that there is a 10 cm limit on the lenght of the blade (some misinformed policemen believe it, too), but there is absolutely no such limit written in the law books.

With this wording of the law, the lawmakers wanted to say that a "weapon" is characterized by use, not specifications. If you use your 1-inch blade to cut somebody in a bar fight, then you go to jail for illegal possession and use of a weapon. If you carry your Spyderco Delica in your pocket, this is just a utility tool for everyday tasks. If somebody asks you about your knife, you should NOT say that it is for self-defence, as this is not accepted. You should say that it is a normal utility tool

Only switchblades and double-edged daggers cannot be justified, but apart from those, you can carry whatever you like, with a measure of common sense. Don't go into a bank wearing dirty clothes, with a can of beer in your hand and a Spyderco Military on your belt, and don't carry anything looking very "Rambo-killer" during the night if you go clubbing.

Swiss Army Knives and Multitools are accepted as tools, nobody would ever question you over them.
I carry a Small Sebenza every day, and I have carried 2 to 3 inch blades for many years, but I only carry my Military and my Al Mar Sere 2000 outside city limits.
Enjoy your stay!
Now I can carry my wave without hesitation.
Looking forward to seing your country.

All the best

Originally posted by Costas
...With this wording of the law, the lawmakers wanted to say that a "weapon" is characterized by use, not specifications.....

Now hold on a minute there, cowboy - this makes w-a-a-a-y too much sense to be true!;) :D ;)
Yea that makes way to much sense, thats a law that could actually be worth while if used correctly.