Greg Lightfoot's Sierra 2 review? Anyone?

Apr 19, 1999
Hi all! I was wondering if anyone can supply me any info. on the Sierra 2? How thick is it?(cause it's not listed in Greg's site) How well does it perform as a defensive knife? and what about the fit and finish? All reviews are welcome! The longer, the better!
Thanks in advance!
The Fit and Finish are Excellent as are all Greg Lightfoot Knives..
The Sierra II has a 5 1/2" BG-42 Blade with a 3 1/2" sharp false edge. The deep finger groove, micarta handles, and serrated thumb ramp give a secure grip in, hammer, saber and reverse modes.
It serves as an excellent defense knife carried IWB with the conceal-x sheath.
Check out specs at
If you have any questions please contact Greg Lightfoot or myself..

Murray Haday
ProEdge Knives

"More SWEAT in the Gym - Less BLOOD in the Ring"

Thanks for the info. Murray!
If i'm not mistaken, the knife design belongs to you?

Yes I designed the Sierra as a Tactical/Fighter knife.
Then Greg Lightfoot (Canada's Top Tactical Knife Maker) built it to perfection..
Take Care..

Murray Haday

"More SWEAT in the Gym - Less BLOOD in the Ring"