Greg Walker update

Sep 14, 1999
What ever became of Mr. Greg Walker? Is he planning on returning to an editorial post? Is he currently engaged in a project related to the industry at all? What's the scoop?

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I read somewhere (Modern Knives magazine, I think) that Mr. Walker has a new book coming out on the Ka-Bar knife from Paladin Press. Check out for more info.
It's an on-line magazine by the friendly folks at Com-Tech. You can read the first issue free, and then it's like $6 a year. There's a link at

LOTS of cool articles, a sweet on-line catalog, and product reviews!

Check it out!
I seem to recall he was working as an LEO in a small community, somewhere....

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Arkhamdrifter - I saw Greg in Eugene in April. He was still involved with LEO work. He was writing for several British magazines on knife related items and he looked just fine. I'm sure Greg will get back involved. (he's a knife junky). Probably ought to tell him about Bladeforums?

Sal, could you tell me which British mags Greg was writing for. I cant think of many that pay much attention to knives!