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"Grey Skies" Bowie

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Feb 6, 2001
I really like Maple Burl stabilized/dyed grey. It looks like angry storm clouds so, I just kind of took that motif and went with it on this one. I hope you like it.

This Bowie knife has an 8" blade of hand-rubbed 5160 high carbon steel with forge marked flats and an etched finish, 1/4" thick at ricasso. The offset S-guard is forged from wrought iron and etched. The handle is stabilized grey Maple Burl wood with a throat of alternative ivory and a black spacer. The handle is finished off by a pair of etched, high carbon steel pins. The tooled leather blade sheath has a "three-window" grey snake skin inlay. The total length for this knife is 13 1/4".
Price, with leather sheath; $350.00, plus shipping.
:eek: Great Job J, Merry Christmass to Tess & little man!!!!

Hope to see you guys soon
You are doing some outstanding work.
I don't know when, but I can see one of your knives in my collection.
Keep tempting me. ;)
Thanis for the kind words guys, we keep trying.

Hey Big John, how ya been? I don't know if we're going to make it to the VA show this year so your going to have to come visit and have a good, home-cooked meal with us.........fuzzy chicken of course. :D
Man J, I'm lucky I didn't spot this one last time I was up. I would have been begging everyone for the cash to grab it. Looks gorgeous. -Matt
Not stringy at all George, kinda sparkly looking if anything. I was pretty tickled with it. :D
Way to go J! You never rest on your laurels, do you?! I sure like what you've been doing with your guards, and this whole knife in particular really flows. I just flat dig it.
I still say you undercharge for your work. Very nice peice. I think it was the second pic that sold it. You should do more detail shots like that to show things like guard fit and even grinds and shoulders. Damn near perfect as far as I can tell! Awesome!
J, I just saw your close up picture of the guard. Man, that's good work! That is a flawless guard to blade fit (something I haven't managed yet, although JD Weld is a big help). Hope you cleaned up at the show, and it was nice seeing you and Tess and the little guy.

Jason Magruder said:
I still say you undercharge for your work.

Absolutely. How do you pay the bills, charging that much for such fine work?
I love this knife...