grinder hot spots?

Sep 7, 2004
for some reason my grinder is grinding waaaaaay faster on one side. :mad:
I tried a brand new belt, then an old belt...both with the same result.
so I'm guessing it's the platten. any ideas what causes this?

I also tried barely touching the steel to the belt, then tried pushing very hard, it didn't matter.

as well I took the belt off to check if something was possibly built up on it, but nothing, it looks good.

help? :confused:
Nov 24, 1999
If its consistently grinding faster on one side than the other, I would guess that the platen is crooked. I don't know what kind of grinder your talking about so I can't offer any specific ideas. But if something has vibrated loose or isn't tracking right the platen may have twisted, or possibly the belt isn't running parallel/flat on the platen anymore.
I'd check all the pulleys/tensioners/contact wheels to be sure that they're all true and square, and check to see that the platen is still tight and square.

I suppose there's the possibility that the platen is worn also. If you have a peice of precision ground steel,or at least a good straight peice of flat stock, run it down the platen and see how smooth/flat the surface is. If there is a groove/or low spot worn on the one side it would cause what your talking about. If thats the case, you can replace the platen or mount a peice of pyroceram on it.
Nov 25, 2000
If it turns out that your platen is warped, or dished out(that happens all too frequently without a pyroceram liner), just grind it flat on a 9" disk sander. Works great!
Apr 6, 2001
Put a straight edge across your platten and hold it up to a light, that will show you if there is any high spots. Or you could just run a file across it untill you see new file marks across the whole width.