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May 7, 2001
Hello everyone!

I am a new member, and this topic has probably been discussed before... I am the type of person that just likes to build things. I have been tinkering with knife making for the last seven or eight years (whenever I had a place to work). I would like to build my next grinder. I have access to a full machine shop where I work and have a lot of experience fabricating production line equipment from scratch. My question is: Are there any mechanical drawings/blue prints out there? Building a grinder just to create sparks is not a problem... Building one that has all the nifty attachments is entirely different. I have a million ideas but, it helps to see where someone else has gone with theirs.

Thanks all!

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Welcome to the forums TA! The Ungrinder looks like an excellent design and you can buy plans for it at this site.

Take care!! Michael

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Welcome ,welcome. Check out past posts by doing a search. A lot of other people here have built very good grinders. With your background you should have no problem.
My first was a big POS but then I started looking at pictures and incorperating different design ideas into one machine. Now my shop fabed grinder runs like a charm and the new one I'm building will be exactly the same.

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Thanks much guys!!

L6- neat looking machine..I'll probably look into those plans!

R Dockrell- Hey, is that the machine you are grinding the tang with on your website? Good looking grinder! Is the contact wheel a caster?

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Wayne Goddard did a great series of articles in Blade magazine recently - I'll dig up the issues for you if you like. Also, he included the plans in his most recent book "The 50 Dollar Knife Shop". In my humble opinion, his designs are innovative, simple, and versital. By the way Mr. machinist, what would it cost me to have a 3" drive wheel of aluminum and two 2" wheels for a platen assembly made in your machine shop. I just can't afford nor justify the 70 to 100 dollars for a name wheel.

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Hey slowpoke! Thanks a million... On the subject of the wheels... let me get squared away on some stuff(scheduling time off the clock, etc.) and as far as I'm concerned, I'll build 'em for the cost of material. It won't be right away, but I'd be happy to.
For years I've looked through the knife rags and supply catalogs and dispaired...I just knew that I'd never be able to afford to own any of that stuff(I don't do this for a living!) but, when I changed jobs about three years ago, I met the plant machinist. Really nice guy... worked beside him for a year and a half. He showed me all the basics and then one day he threw me a major project and just walked away. I built it...he threw me another...went on like that for another year. Then I got a promotion and had to quit working in the shop(too much paperwork). The way I see it, It'd be a really crappy way to thank him(and all of the others that have helped me along the way), not to give back what I can. Besides, sweat is free!!

sorry about the proselytizing...

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Welcome to the forum. Take a look at Machinist's Workshop Magazine. The April/May 2001 issue. They have plans for a belt grinder and a forge in that issue. Hope this might help.