Grinds on Second Gen Howlers


Nov 30, 2001
I just got a 2nd gen Howler :cool: and its got a full height grind! :eek: When did these happen??? I did a search and it appears that theres some with 3/4 grinds and a few with full height grinds.

Eric? Anyone? I like the looks of the full height grind on these wide blades! :D

yea yea, pics coming, I just thought about it sitting here in my PJ's :eek:
I got one about a year ago and hadn't seen another since you mentioned this one. Those seem to be on the rarer side of things. :thumbup:

My gen2 is full-height ground. So is my HF, so I always thought that was the norm, but recently I've seen a few pics with 3/4 grinds on HRs. I was kind of wondering what was up, too. :confused:
Heres that pic I promised, and yea all the first gen Howlers had the 3/4 grind. The second gen seems to have a mix eh.

Awesome group of Howlers, LeatherHog!!! :thumbup:

I want a smooth coat, First Gen. with one of the handles from the Basic line.. :D
The full height 2nd gen's must have come from the same run as the HF's. The one I had was delivered at the same time the HF's were offered, and all the 2nd gens I've seen since that one were 3/4.