Grip ergonomics,what works for what?

Oct 4, 1998
Since I`ve started tinkering with my own designs I`ve been doing a lot of thinking about it. What features work toward what ends? A hook pommel for a chopper. A finger groove for grip indexing. An oval grip section to prevent turning in the hand. What else? Marcus
Greetings Marcus. That' s a pretty broad range you' re covering. As far as a defensive fixed blade goes, the most thought out and effective designs must go to the collaborations of maker Al Polkowski and GHCA founder Bob Kasper. I' ve had extensive experience with their blades and they are presently my choice of concealed carry. Als kydex sheath system for these blades are second to none. For all interested, go to Bob Kaspers site for some informative info on knife design. Also read about "Knifehead" Kevin Gentile and his AFCK and Stryker modications. Nice stuff.

I guess I was a little vague in my first post. What I meant to say is,what features in a grip do you find you like and toward what end. Also what featurs do you feel work well together. Example: I like an oval cross sectioned grip on most knives and especially choppers because it`s easier to keep the edge indexed in relation to my hand. Or I don`t care for finger grooves because....etc. The knife I`m working on now is a 4 1/2"tanto for concealed carry. The blade is convex ground with an unsharpened false edge that blends into a thumb pad with rounded serrations. I kept the grip short(barely 4 fingers)for best concealment. The grip has a deep finger groove to act as a guard followed by a more subtle one that made it more comfy in my hand especially in reverse grip. The back of the grip arcs down to a rounded butt. I wanted it to be especially comfy in saber grip and it seems to have worked. It feels good in my hand,very secure and when I handed it to my wife (a NON knife person) she immediately held it in saber grip(I`ve never showed her the grip so she did it all on her own). The 4" utility I`m working on has a longer ,fuller grip meant for a variety of holds. She held it in a hammer grip right away. When I had her close her eyes and handed them to her at random she`d sometimes grip the utility in saber but almost always in hammer. But she gripped the tanto in saber every time. I imagine it was all in the design of the grip. What do you find works for you and for what? Marcus