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"Grippy stuff" to hold a little knife in pocket???...

Aug 8, 1999
it's for a little mini neck knife; fits perfectly in the key/watch pocket on the right front pocket of Levi's- but the sheath clip doesn't quite work right that way....so any ideas as to something that will glue around the sheath and give it good grip??

How about rubber tape. I am not sure what it is used for but they sell it at home depot. It is basicaly a roll of rubber with an adhesive side. I can send you some if you don't want to go shoping for the stuff. Also, for a temporary fix, rubber bands will work perfectly. Just wrap the sheath with enough rubber bands to make it fit snug in the pocket. Velcro might also work but it might be a pain trying to sew a strip into the pocket.


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Go a a skate shop (skateboard that is) and buy some griptape. Comes in different grits and colours. May chew your pocket to hell, but it's worth a try..
Two ideas:

1. Go to fabric store and buy velcro and fabric glue. Glue the fuzzy velcro in your pocket and the hook velcro to your sheath. (The hook velcro picks up lint and it will collect less on the sheath, since it won't go through the clothes washing process, and the sheath will be easier to clean.)

2. Also at fabric store they have stuff like chamois (thin tacky leather) that is made to go inside waist bands to keep shirts from coming untucked. This might work on your sheath. Use large pieces on both sides of the sheath to fit tight in your pocket.
Have you tried staples?
Pachmayr, the company that makes firearm grips, sell Pac-Skin (0.050" thick neoprene with an adhesive backing). You can see it at http://www.pachmayr.com/clpacps.html.

Until I finally wrapped my Crawford Kasper Neck Knife with paracord, I had the grip covered with it. It's tacky enough to grip inside the pocket, but it won't wear it out.

The adhesive slowly "melted out", due to body heat, when I had it on my neck knife, but not to the point that it was messy. Just little blobs here and there. It took about a year of daily wear before a corner started to come undone. In a pocket, I suspect it would last a little longer.

Be sure to get either a sheet or strip. The flashlight covers don't have adhesive, but slide on, so they're tubular. I've got a 6D MagLite with the grip cover on it. Took some work to get it on, had to use soap to make it slide. Once the soap dried, though, it's on tight.

One thing I like about this stuff - if you hold an object with it for a few minutes, it becomes slightly tacky, improving the grip even more.
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