Grizzly Platen?I want to back it need some help

Feb 14, 2000
I would like to back the platen,but just dont
know what to put on it,I want the flatest
thing I can find I want to do my flats
I hear glass is good but short lived,
I hear alot about D2 if you knows were I can get somthing to get it flat also how is it onto the platen,I would like some help hear
thanks nathan
Ps does any one know were to get a chunk of D2,just enough for the platen.
This was passed on to me by T.C. Collins and Bill Herndon.

The factory platens of most grinders are very lacking. On my new BIII the platen is awful (way to small). What they suggested is to take a piece of 01 (thats what they said to use) get it precision milled, harden it and weld it onto the factory platen.

Hope this helps in some small way.
Thanks Mr Clark
My father has a ice grizzly mill
I will use a fly cutter to mill it flat
Nathan, I would go with Mr. Clarke on the O1. I have never liked the ideal of putting glass behind a belt going 5500 sfpm. Just does not sound safe. A lot of guys do it and like it, but I'll pass on it.
Good luck, Mark
You got that wright I thought the same thing that is why I am going with the 01
it seem much safer.don't you just love knife making.Big Boy with our toys.
Thanks nathan
To each his own on this just like everything. I have several friends as well as myself who use the neo ceran type of glass.None of us have had a problem and all of us have had excellent platten life. By the way I dont think welding is the way to go. I believe you could warp the plate. Besides if you do a lot of grinding you will want to replace the 01 plate---- it will wear also. Frank.
Personally I listen to the likes of Bill Herndon. He is not the supper shop field writer for Blade Magazine because of his looks (that for sure, Sorry Bill couldn't resist). This method was also used by Bob Engnath, the master of all grinders.

As to replacing the platen. You will have many many years of service from a 3/8" to 1/4" thick piece of hardened 01. When the platen starts to wear, just resurface it. And you would tack weld at low heat. Its not like it has to stand up to a bomb strike.