GRS Impacts Steel Fence Post

Nov 23, 1998
Last weekend I was doing some bush clearing in the lane way. I used a GRS for the heavier stuff and a CS LTC for the lighter stuff. The GRS would often push light soft bushes aside without cutting through. The CS LTC would cut similar limbs off. The CS did not chop the heavier branches as well.

I was using the GRS to clear our lane way and it suffered a small accident. I was chopping through a 1” thick branch and the GRS went clear through and struck the steel fence post underneath with a resounding clang. I gave the edge a quick glance and found minor denting on the blade and thin but definite gash in the fence post. After finishing the edge I examined the edge more closely. The edge has three waves in it, with an1 mm amplitudes. The total length of damaged section is 5 mm. There was no sign of chipping. The impact area is about 5 cm from the tip. My GRS was dull from previous use and needed to be sharpened. First I worked out the waves as best I could with the chakma and then sharpened with a flat pocket hone. After this process I could not detect the damage to the blade.

I plan to repair the fence as well with steel epoxy to prevent water from busting the post.

Good story Will
I felt like I was there with you. First there's that awful clang, then the fear hits that you damaged a beloved blade. Then you check the edge--RELIEF! Then Pride
Then you check the damage to the hard object you accidentely nailed--to find it MORE damaged=knowing grin, and even more pride in a fine blade

I did the same thing while chopping up a chair in my house on Maui. Yeah I know I hope Harry doesn't read this
That was when I used to drink
I hit a 1/4-1/2 bolt and chopped clear through it with my 20"AK-put a rolled over spot on the edge about 1/2 the width of the bolt--no chipping at all and easy to sharpen out. Fine knives they are
Poor fence post, never saw it coming.

Good story Will, glad to hear your GRS performed so well. HI performance test number 14,673; successful.

Rob, chopping up chairs and cutting bolts?Well, ok, but not in the house.