GT Folders

Sep 30, 2000

I'm impressed by the quality and ergonomics of the GT folders but I'm not sure about the strength of their button lock as compared to a lockback or liner lock. Anyone ever tested one of these?
I own 3 GT's 1 Auto and 2 Manuals

I don't use my knives hard but have not had any problems with the button lock. I have also taken them apart to clean, very simple design. The knive is locked in place by two elevated metal pins attached to the button mechanism which lock into the blade.

The only bad thing is, however, I purchased my first one manual about 1 - 1 1/2 years ago great solid knive. By second Menual I purched off of E-bay NIB never used. I had to take it apart and fix some problem with the locking mechanism, one of the srews was stripped and the feel of the knife is not smooth. Even after I worked on the knife it still does not compare to my First manual. I have had no problems with my Auto. I like them but feel the quality has gone down over the last year conciderably.

Hope this if help some

I have one of the GT autos, and I think that it is one of the smoothest opening autos that I own. I also personially think that they are better than any of the benchmades that I owned.