GT knives

Oct 26, 1999
i just got ahold of a clip point manual version. the lock is good, has a little side to side play. the blade locks in the open and closed postions. now that's a little weird and inconvenient, but i can live with it. the clip is ridiculous. it's a huge machined aluminum piece that barely bends at all. and it's mounted very low on the handle. so i already took the clip off. the action is VERY smooth. the handles are rounded nicely and are of a good shape. it looks very uncomfortable to handle, but the opposite is true. while it doesn't exactly conform to the shape of the hand, the hand conforms to it's shape very easily. and last but not least, the button lock is easy to use and is placed well, although i'm not sure of it's brute strength since two tiny tabs are all that hold the blade. overall, i'm very pleased. it has it's own little quirks, but the good by far balances out the bad.

i'd like to hear comments from other owners and especially any complaints.
You have the older version.The new one which has been out at least a year only locks in the open position.It has a detent(kind of like the Synergy)to keep the blade closed.I think its a well made knife.