GT Knives

Hi All, I've ordered 2 GT manual knives from Brownell's
(the gunsmith supply people) at clearance prices. I've handled one at a local gun/knife shop and was very impressed wiyh the overall quality and ergonomics.
Any comments from GT owners, pro or con?


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Dec 25, 1998
I have a couple of the full size GT autos. They are excellent knives. Definately under rated and overlooked here on the forum. Great auto for the money.

Dennis Bible

I'll have to admit being the Microtech fanatic that I am I do carry the mini GT on my keychain. A very nice and small auto that locks up solid. The good thing about it is that you must depress the button quite aways to get the blade to fire. A great little knife that is definitely overlooked.
I have three GT knives and all are well-constructed-good attention to detail, fit and finish. No problems with any of them.

The folks at their company are also a pleasure to deal with when you call them.

Not many models to choose from, but what they do they do well.


But where can you get a manual model when shopping on the net? Haven't found any yet.

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I agree with Dennis that GT knives are overlooked and are really fine knives. Their full size knives' "button/pivot pin" locks are trick and reliable. The late James Mattis told me a few years ago about their then new mini-auto. It has since been my, (and was James'), favorite mini or "California" auto. Cousin, go to which is their homepage. I believe you can purchase their knives there or they will direct you to who can.