Gun barrels in the rain


Mar 17, 2001
I have for a long time used quality latex rubber condoms to cover my shotgun, handgun or rifle barrels while hunting and getting caught in the rain or while storing them during the night while camping. After inserting the product over the front of the barrel, I slip a small rubber band to hold it in place and it works quite well to protect against rust and moisture in the barrel. I have also used them to cover leather sheaths and handles in a down-poor. They are light weight, "strong" and the packaging serves as an additional survival item.

Here are some other uses I have used them for or for which I believe they would work :

Finger,toe or whole hand wound protection
to store small amount of fire tinder
to store candles,matches or firesteel
to store key and wallet when crossing swiff flowing stream
for emergency tourniquet
to store batteries and/or cover flashlight lens in heavy rain
to store emergency or additional water
and once I used one for a trail notify the group about several hours behind us as to a new compass setting. We inserted the note into the product, blew it up like a ballon and tied it to a tree in a visible attitude.

This product is waterproof, windproff and quite useful as stated above. You might say it use is limited only to your imagination. For example you might use it for...please help me out, I would appreciate any ideas you have for this product in an emergency wilderness survival situation. Keep it cool now, OK? PS. Don't forget to tell your significant other what your are doing with the product.

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A friend just called me. Said he is not a member of the forum but that he read the post. He said to forget this product when it comes to small .22 cal. rifles. He just tried it and they are (for him) to large. Friend said to try a finger cot (or finger sleeve) that you can pick-up at Rite Aid - for small gun barrels. This product is used in restaurants, etc. to place over a finger once it has received a bandage. Thanked my friend, told him to join-up and asked if he could think of another use for the product. He said a few cuss words( as in I don't know) and indicated he would try water proofing his cigarettes or cigars. So, if you want to water proof your .22 cal. rifle during a downpoor with out giving up the hunt, try a finger cot.

This gentlemam is 69-70yrs. old and seemd a little ticked-off at me. Could be he feels he wasted a perfectly good product on a small barrell and now does not know what to do with it. I wondering about something here.

A Piece of tape over the muzzle works as well, costs much less, and you don't have to explain to your wife why you have a roll of tape in your hunting and shooting equipment!

A small balloon will also work well, and you dont have to mess around with a rubberband. But, hey if she buys the story, go for it. :)

Cool :cool: I like alternatives and I can always use the other product as a back-up for other things. Thank's.
A small piece of tape works just fine. That is not to say that that a condom, tied off with a small piece of dental floss and frayed, so you can tell the direction of even the faintest breeze, is not a bad idea. Besides, my wife never questions why I need condoms on hunting trips. She knows me.

Happy Hunting!
Hello all,
I was just wondering about Keeping water out of the barrel. But would tape or a good ole' rubber cause the barrel blow of be damaged? I Know this is kinda petty but my dad told me (after a scary encounter with turning my 20 gauge into a graunade) that I better find out. So will a bit of duct tape resist the gas flow of the barrel enough to peel it back?
You can use a rubber, but make certain that it is not the kind with a recepticle tip. Otherwise you may very well fire your rifle only to find the bullet you shot stuck and dangling in the end of your "barrel protector!"
We had little plastic caps to put on the end of our M-16s when I was in the Army.
I can't tell you how many times I forgot about it and shot it off the end of the rifle!