Gun Checkered Crawford KFFs

Nov 8, 1998
I recently had my three micarta scaled Crawford KFFs gun checkered by CheckerMarx. I chose gun checkering over the entire scale except for a 1/8" border. The cost was a very reasonable $25/knife for the checkering.

I carry my knives in a Magill Inside the Pocket Holster rather than using the clip. The gun checkering gives a very secure grip when drawing from the pocket and when opening the knife.

The first knife is a standard length KFF, the second has a blade just under 3" with a full size handle, and the third is a training version of the full size KFF.

The short blade KFF was for carrying in blade length restricted jurisdictions. I had a mini KFF, but I didn't like the small handle.

Here are the pics:





The blades on the sharp KFFs have an additional 1/2" of unground edge at the pivot end of the blade. This is my idea of a knife safety in case the blade should close up on my hand. The unground section will contact my forefinger instead of the sharp edge. You do lose some cutting edge, but it's away from the tip.

The training blade has lightening hollows to give it the same balance as the sharpened blade. The tip is left thick and rounded. I use it full impact on my heavy bag and training dummy without any fear of punctures.

I like the clipless, holster carry because it allows for discreet carry and prevents clip wear on clothing and furniture. The holster also prevents the blade from accidentally opening up in the pocket. I had this happen once when I was using the clip which resulted in the tip poking through my pocket subsequently cutting my hand.

If you're interested in the checkering, you can contact Julie Marx at


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Thanks! Great post and terrific detail on the pics. That checkering looks awesome. All I can say is, "Why the hell didn't I think of doing that?!"

I hope that they can, in fact, checker Zytel, then we'll have the problem of the CRKT KFF's smooth scales licked.



Tuvo muy mala callo en mi cuchillo.

I was just wondering if there is any do-it-yourself solution to this. Can you buy gun checker material and apply it yourself? Not that $25 is bad, but one of the reasons I got the KFF was due to the low cost. Plus I enjoy the do-it-yourself approach, thats half the fun.
doctor_arcane: gun checkering is actually just removal of material from the handle. Lines are cut verticaly and horizontaly like a checkerboard. this makes small peaks which help with grip.there is no gun checker could by some skateboard tape and get the same effect although it wouldn't look as can buy checkering files though if you want to do it yourself..
Ah I see. Thanks for the info. Never owned a gun. Maybe skateboard tape wouldnt look so bad, if done right. Or perhaps I could just wait until I'm less broke from buying knifes/swords