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Gun Forum???

Oct 14, 2000
Does anyone know of a good gun forum? If so could you give me the address? Thanks in advance, Dave
Another vote here for TFL (and Rogue Spear has the URL correct).

None finer. And there's something really different in the planning stages there, see also the Suggestion forum there, and the thread I started for more info.

TFL was the best, but now it's extremly slow to load and does not run nearly as good as it did prior to the software update. It takes me 2-3 min to just get onto the maine page if and when I don't time out.
Thanks guys. I looked at TFL and like it. It did seem alittle slow, oh well. It's what I was looking for. I need to gather some info on good varmit rifle.(ah... so I can use my knife... ah, yea my Sebenza KNIFE, or ah... my LCC "KNIFE" to ah... ah... skin the varmit with. Yea, that's it!
) Thanks again, Dave

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Hi there!
It is I,

Here's a couple more ya can take a look-see-gander at: http://www.thearmedcitizen.net
and http://www.ccwforums.com

They ain't as much fun as the folks here... from what I've seen, they're a serious lot... Think Spark with blue balls, a bad rash, and a urinary tract infection.

You're quite welcome (Spark)
I remain,
King of Clams

PS - I give this thread 3 hours before it gets moved to Community.

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