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Mar 29, 1999
Besides being a small knife collector I'm also a hunter/gun collector. About a week ago I ordered a Sheridan Silver Streak pellet gun, that was gonna be for my son, from my favorite outdoor catalog, Cabelas. A few days later I received an e-mail form them notifying me that the Silver Streak could not be shipped to NY where I live. Man was I mad, I knew that you could not receive guns from another state into NY, but I was not aware this applied to a pellet gun. I think it is ridiculous that in a country that is the model for freedom and independence that you can't even buy a pellet gun to give to your son from a catalog. So I urge everybody that reads this to join a pro gun organization, like the NRA and support the 2nd amendment. I know that this forum is for knives, but I thought many like me who collect knives also hunt and collect guns, and after they take away gun who knows what's next?
P.S.- This story was not put up to make Cabelas look bad what so ever, I think it is the base outfitter catalog out there and if you have never seen one get one!!!
Ah, Cabela's, I love their catalog too. I always plan on stopping in Fort Kearney, Nebraska when I travel west.

Yes the NRA is our last best hope

I am not sure where you are in the great state of New York. I am (maybe) a near neighbor of yours. I don't know how much trouble it is worth to you, but I do have an address that Cabela's will deliver to if you need it. Drop me an email.

Greeting NAN. In my experience, _some_ out of state mail order companies will send a pellet gun to ones state unless they specify that they won' t. They are responsible for legalities on their end. However, once you are in possession of it, you will have violated state penal law. Speak no evil...


I'll just say "ditto" on the stupidity of a bunch of laws, since I'd be preaching to the choir here. I could also say a few things about catalog companies that won't ship certain sharp objects to California that are prohibited by California law, and who also won't ship sharp objects to California that are not prohibited here, for fear of violating laws that do not even exist!

But guns, even pellet guns, don't hold a very good edge, and this thread is one of those Right to Keep and Bear Arms threads that we have the Politics Forum for, and that's where I'm moving it to.

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